Electric Motors
LTS is an authority on small electric motors, including:
– BLDC (Brushless Direct Current)
– PMDC (Brushed Permenant Magnet Direct Current)
– Moving Coil (Ironless Core)
– Universal AC
LTS is an authority in the evaluation of the performance metrics of these types of motors, and modeling performance driven by constant voltage and battery (resistive voltage) power sources. We have experience solving motor life problems, such as the intricacies of brush design. We are equipped to help you design a better motor from scratch, or simply select the best off-the-shelf motor to best fit your needs.

Pneumatic Motors
LTS also has extensive experience working with the design and application of vane-type air motors. Just like with the electric versions, we can engage in clean sheet design, or motor selection. LTS offers a rare ability to model the performance of air motors with a resistive air supply…which is often overlooked.