LTS specializes in spur gear and planetary gear systems. We will take your torque and speed requirements, and produce a robust gear design that will fit within your size constraints. Most importantly, LTS will make deviations to the standard involute profile, and optimize the design to equalize and minimize teeth stress, as well as maximize contact ratio. Multi-stage systems are no problem either.

If you have gearing problems, LTS can fix them. Common problems include noise, vibration and mechanical failure. No matter what the problem is, LTS knows what corrective actions to apply to the design to get you back up and running. Common solutions to gear problems include loosening up backlash, increasing over-wire tolerance, and adjusting material and heat treatment.

Need Gear Design Software?
LTS can build you a custom gear design program.  Every company has different needs for their products and gearing they contain.  LTS will create planetary gear, spur gear, or involute spline design software tailored to meet your unique technical criteria.  Sure, there are other off-the-shelf design software packages available, but using it often involves compromises in your design that you probably wouldn’t prefer.  The types of features that LTS can build into your program include:

– Gear ratio selection tool
– Multiple planetary stage design
– Non-standard involute profile optimization 
– Stress and contact ratio analysis
– Gear meshing animation
– Automatic gear block creation
– Gear design database utility
– Automated gear design optimization