Note: All of these Excel programs require Macros to be enabled.
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Free Excel Programs:

Diet Planner – v2.2.xlsm

This is a simple diet planning and nutrition calculating program. A couple of years ago I lost a bunch of weight, and this tool helped me keep my eating on track.  Every one who I’ve given it to seemed to find it useful too.  It also serves as a small glimpse into some of the things that can be done in the Excel environment.  Enjoy, and stay healthy!

VBA / Excel Programs Available for Purchase:

Plot Zoom Utility (Demo) – v3.2.xlsm

This is a utility I made for Excel charts.  It allows you to quickly and easily zoom in on an area of  the plot, just by clicking on the plot and drawing a “Zoom Box”.  The file is an example to demonstrate the functionality.  The code is available for purchase ($25) , or I can modify your own files to contain the functionality, at a TBD rate depending on how many plots you want to modify.  To purchase, click the button below, which will take you to a PayPal checkout screen.  Once I get confirmation, I’ll email you a version of the file that is unprotected.  There are comments in the code that show you how to use it with your own charts.